Leslie Pritchard, designer and owner of the stores Again & Again

5207 Bonita
Dallas, Texas 75206

Leslie Pritchard, much like famous designer Kelly Wearstler, doesn't follow the trends, she creates them. I don't know her personally but I can tell by her look, she is probably a woman who isn't afraid to mix up the elements for an unique style and is most likely a smart, independent thinker. Specializing in vintage antiques, mid-century modern and Hollywood regency furniture, Leslie houses 2 stores in Dallas, filled with one-of-a-kind finds waiting to be repurposed and loved again. As I've said before, when entire rooms can be bought by clicking on a shopping cart, I applaud people who find inspiration from the past and make it great for today. I also like that buying vintage isn't about perfection. Maybe that nick on the leg came from some great story that continues to be past down. Or maybe someone was proposed to on that couch. See? Instant soul for your home! It certainly makes better cocktail chatter than, "I bought it on page four, next to all the other beige ones." Bravo Leslie!

Photos: Again & Again (Website/Facebook) Margaret Wolf for Paper City