I would love to smell this field...so pretty

Looks very restful

Simple and elegant

Lavender mint lemonade

Dessert table of extreme perfection

Lavender is one of those hard colors to nail because too much purple would really bother me but a pale shade mixed with natural materials is very sophisticated. My friend has her whole living room done in pale lavender linen slipcovers with a seagrass rug and french antiques. It looks amazing. Even better, it was done a few years ago and remains timeless and fresh. Color is very unique to each person but for me, a soothing color with more grey tones will has a longer life than a strong color. Sage green has stayed for years while kelly green is about to get the boot! It was a Viceroy Hotel phase I was in. Have a soothing and relaxing day...it's Friday after all.

Photos via Blowout Party Blog and others I can't remember!