For those of you who read my blog regularly, you know I like the idea of a masculine store with cool design ideas for the guy who doesn't gravitate towards the sectional sofa with the built-in ice chest. Well here it is! Modern Anthology is in Brooklyn, New York. It is a creative studio and retail store brimming with uber chic furniture, vintage finds, clothing, home accessories and personal products for the well groomed man. It's too bad internet photos don't have the ability to be "scratched and sniffed" because I have the feeling this store would smell like a good combination of buttery leather and the shirt you won't wash due to the lingering smell of that incredible date. I love to mix masculine and feminine elements in a home. The masculine pieces anchor the room with symmetry while the feminine ones invite you to live a little. As a creative studio and retail store, Modern Anthology says storytelling is what they do best. What a clever concept. After all, interior design is usually something created over time, with elements that reflect one's personality. What story does your home tell about you?

Photos via Not So Lolita & Modern Anthology