Welcome to my new obsession...the website Mr. and Mrs Smith. It's a travel site with spectacular boutique and luxury hotels. With a wink and a smile, it is named for the most commonly used American names when checking into a hotel incognito. How sexy is that? They are all about romantic escapes to fabulous places and each hotel has been couple tested to make sure it is top quality in terms of services, amenities and over-all luxury. They will also tell you which particular room to get or restaurants and shops to visit. The hotel pictured above is called Aenaon Villas in Santorini, Greece. I know, I know...Greece is in an uproar with 21% unemployment and mayhem in Athens right now. For this blog, please focus on the turquoise water and pretend such horrible things are not happening. It only has 7 villas in the entire place and children younger than 8 are not permitted. Music to my ears! I guess you have noticed it is Valentine's Day. Rather than posting on everything red and pink and discussing all the different cheesy ways a teddy bear can be attached to an object like a coffee mug to profess a person's true love, I thought I would focus on what's inadvertently sexy and loving. A phone call from someone making sure you reached your destination, a funny remark that makes you laugh, a touch that makes you shiver and have butterflies in your stomach, a real conversation where you don't always have to agree but you know that person understands and hears you and eye contact that conveys, "I've got your back" are just a few examples I can think of. Last I checked, Hallmark doesn't make a coffee mug that says all that. Happy Valentine's Day.

Photos via Mr. and Mrs. Smith
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Aenaon Villas