Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Peek at Pecky Cypress

Pecky Cypress refers to cypress lumber, whether tidewater or sinker, that has holes throughout it. It is rare, since it only occurs in occasional logs, and cannot be discovered until the log is cut. It only forms from the inside out in a circular pattern following the tree's rings. When milled, the pattern of pecky holes is random, and only lumber cut from the inside of the log will contain the pecky. In addition to looking great, it is durable and rot and insect resistant. It can be done in darker shades but I prefer the milky grays shown above. Remember my mantra...beauty is in the details!

Photos via Limestone & Boxwoods, House Beautiful


  1. I love you pictures. My home is actually, mostly, pecky cypress walls. It is beautiful, but the wood look is getting to me (my walls are not painting, but are a natural wood, orangy tone) The walls are cypress, along with the door moldings, base moldings, and crown moldings. I've actally started painting and distressing the door moldings, but am hoping I haven't made a mistake. Now I'm running into the thought, "Should I paint ALL the moldings." Thought your opinion might be helpful.

  2. Dawn, I am so sorry I missed your comment earlier! I need to set my notifications. Thank you for reading CC. I appreciate your comments. I would have to see your room to really know. I love design but I am not an interior designer. I sell houses - which is a great job when you love to see pretty things. Sorry I wasn't much help!