I LOVE this! They took old french doors and put them in the bookcase to conceal the TV. They finished the doors in the same molding as the bookshelves so it looks consistent. That chair is from the 1950's and belonged to the owner's grandfather.

It's hip to be square.

This is a walk in closet. I love how you could easily do this to a room with dead space.

An inspired office is the cat's meow.

For the girl who loves her shoes - a good way to store and see where all that money is going!

A place for everything and everything in it's place! In many things in my life, I strive to mix it up a bit and not always be regimented. However, I do LOVE an organized house and clever ways of doing things. For one thing, being organized saves a tremendous amount of time. I can't say my house is as perfect as these photos but it's always good to have a goal right? My father used to have a grocery list printed in the order of aisles in the store. My mother puts professional organizers to shame. I suppose I came by it naturally. Here's hoping my boys will one day pick up their socks. I wouldn't want to reach too high at this point...

Photos via Canadian House and Home, Tumblr and Pintrest