Monday, March 5, 2012

Mornin' Sunshine!

If you are like me, breakfast is a cup of coffee and a protein bar, standing over the kitchen sink. Apparently, some people actually eat breakfast in a more civilized way! Morning is not my thing. I don't want to wake up and dive into a conversation. I don't want every light on in the house. My neighbor laughs at me because I frequently pop my head up from the front bushes, wearing my robe, as I turn the sprinkler on. Meanwhile, she is up, dressed, and attacking the day with a brisk walk. Maybe, just maybe, if I wouldn't stay up half the night, I could become a morning person. Should that happen, I would still tread lightly on asking me lots of questions - pretty breakfast nook or not, the potential for a low growl response is high. You have been warned...

Photos via Architectural Digest & blogs I forgot to write down-Sorry!

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