Nothing says "Lacrosse" like blue and white checked gingham, am I right?!? This is another project I did for my son's high school. It was Senior recognition night for the lacrosse team and I was in charge of the flowers to be given to the moms of the Senior boys. I used brown craft paper to make the cones, securing them with hot glue. Each flower was in a water pick and then placed in a clear bag to prevent leaking on the cone. After hours of wrestling with the wax paper, I finally figured out (on about the last 3) that reversing the paper worked best. The blue ribbon had wires so the bow wouldn't droop and the scalloped edge tag came from the wedding isle, meant for favor gifts. In a perfect world, where the money fairy drops money into my wallet, I would have hired someone with pretty handwriting to do the numbers of the players. Instead, they got my handwriting. My son said all the boys marveled of how pretty and special they were. In fact, they were STILL discussing at lunch today how much it meant to them for their moms to have such unique flower cones. Are you buying any of that? Yeah, me neither! This would be a good idea for a luncheon because all of the flowers together look good as a centerpiece and when your guests leave, they could each take a flower as a favor. So now...back to real estate and interior design posts.

All supplies from Michael's
Photos by: Julie Webber, Clever Confidante