Raised with brothers and the mother of 2 boys, pink hasn't been high on my list of colors to use.  After all, I was once commanded by my oldest brother to stand at the plate and purposely let softballs hit my body so I would learn not to be afraid of pitches.  It was out of love...so he told me.  There was also a time in my life (around second grade) when my 2 best friends were boys and we would jump ramps like Evil Kenievel.  The only difference between my bike and theirs was the banana yellow color and the elongated seat, covered with flowers.  I might have been able to hang with the boys but I was still going to be cute doing it!  At this age, I would like to embrace the softer side of life.  Being strong all the time is exhausting and I think I could use a little dusty pink around me.  The first 3 photos are more of my liking but I do admire the strong pink when placed with so much white for a fun, punchy effect.  Taupe and pale pink look so relaxing and sophisticated to me.  Maybe I could do my bedroom that way.  At least my skin would glow in the cast of the subtle pink walls as I scream at the TV during football season.  You didn't think all the boy had left me did you?

Photos via Canadian House and Home