You might have given up on me...again! I seem to start every post with an apology for my absence but this spring has been nuts for me! I will try to get back to the very important prose you so crave! Well, maybe not but anyway...for my regular readers, do you remember when I said I would be doing a table for a luncheon? Here it is! With 48 hours to spare, I had no idea what I would be doing but I knew I didn't want to break the bank. Rummaging around my storage area, I found these bottles that I had bought in Round Top several years ago. Hence, the diner/red and white themed table was created. I used around 50 white carnations for the pie and somewhere around 100 red carnations for the cake. The popcorn was originally made with carnations, however, I was short 3 flowers in the final hours before the luncheon. Without having time to go to the original florist and knowing the stores around my house would rather roll over and die than sell such a tacky flower, I resorted to white hydrangeas for the same effect. The cupcake papers are filled with red and white candy from the dollar store. The straws and napkins were on the bargain shelf at Sur La Table. My clever friend (who I used to do events with) graciously loaned me her glass plates from Ace Mart as well as some really great milky-white short glasses. The short glasses looked amazing with the straws but in the end, I needed some height so the scale would be right. The red and white table cloths belonged to my mother and are DECADES old! True to many of my posts, I back up my theory that a great look doesn't have to come from Park Avenue. The other tables were incredible and the whole event was very fun. I will show the other tables in a future post. Again, sorry for going MIA...sometimes I have to choose sleep over writing after a long day! I hope you enjoyed my low calorie flower feast. Since cooking is not my thing, at least I finally know how to make a pie that doesn't set the fire alarm off!

Photos by: Julie Webber, Clever Confidante