When Cheryl Schulke, also known as "Stash", received a hide as a gift,she wondered what she would do with it. Being a photographer, writer, and over-all creative person, she decided to make a purse. With that, an extension of her career was born. She works in the 1909 Texas landmark factory where her grandparents had a thriving business making mattresses, upholstery and putting their own stamp on the decorating and design world. Artisan work seems to run in her family. Each bag is crafted with hand tools and vintage boot-making equipment for exceptional quality. I have just ordered my third bag from her. People have stopped me several times to ask where I bought it. The clasps and leathers are pure quality, and the look is timeless yet fresh. Stash's focus is, "mindful production, not mass production." Sound like anything I have preached before??? I liked her instantly and there is nothing better than promoting someone who is not only talented but also a good, soulful person. Stash sells at The Urban Market Houston Antique Show as well as online. Her prices are excellent. With meticulous craftsmanship and classic style, Stash carryalls could be the Texas Birken (without the insane price and pretense)! "Everyone should have a good pocketbook" my Alabama grandmother would say. Myra...I agree!

Photos via Stash Studios