While visiting Fort Worth this past weekend, my mom and I went to a movie at The Modern (a fabulous contemporary museum - you MUST go).  Walking in, I peered out the window at the reflecting pool and serenity washed over me, as it always does when I enter the lobby.  I told my mom I thought this place would be amazing for a party.  After the movie, we walked out and VOILA, a party in the making!  For those of you who read my blog often, you know I am not a University of Texas Longhorn fan, however, since this was so cute, I had to show you!  Sorry the photos aren't great but as an uninvited guest, I had to snap fast.  The 6-year-old in me clearly hasn't left because I felt a strong desire to run my finger across that perfect cake.   I'm not sure what the little bride and groom are doing on the wedding cake but one can assume his job is in the oil industry.  If you're not from Texas, you must be rolling your eyes about now.  Does anyone remember the groom's cake in the movie, Steal Magnolias?  It was a grey armadillo made of red velvet cake on the inside.  Nothing says, "I love my bride" quite like the image of the inside of an armadillo, am I right?  Good thing their kids didn't go to University of California, Santa Cruz.  A Banana Slug motif would have been a challenge for the pastry chef.

PS...This was probably more amazing once the table was complete with china and stemware but I had to leave!

Photos:  Julie Webber, Clever Confidante
The Modern