Remember the song on Sesame Street, "One of these things is not like the other?"  The first photo is a REAL photo from a real estate site.  The floating, topless person is the seller!  Um...maybe not a good idea when trying to attract buyers.  I am well aware not everyone has the means for a pool like one of the others shown.  However,  people-free, clutter-free photos are the way to go!  I love the green balls in the second one - especially with the stark white cabanas.  If that doesn't convey, "resort - right in the privacy of your backyard," I don't know what does.  The last two seem very serene.  I can hear the water from the fountain in my head in photo three, while photo four seems so peaceful and quiet, it almost lowers my blood pressure just looking at it.  *Research has shown that people make extremely sophisticated judgements in a fraction of a second.  Once they've drawn that conclusion, they resist changing it.  So please...if you are selling a house with a pool, refrain from donning your bikini on a float for the MLS shot! 

Photos via: (1) Hooked on Houses (2 & 3) House and Home (4) Architectural Digest
* From author, Seth Godin