Welcome to my favorite house in West University (a neighborhood in Houston that is a city within a city, close to Rice University and the Medical Center).  These photos are beautiful but seeing the house in person is spectacular!  Eleanor Cummings was the designer and Kirby Mears was the architect.  All of my favorite things are represented in this house.  It was originally built in the 1930's and recently renovated to change the flow of the house.  With a growing family of 2 older children and 2 younger ones, they wanted a pretty house but also one that met their needs of being comfortable and functional.  The wooden walls and ceilings add tremendous character and warmth while the French antique chandeliers and moldings glam it up a bit.  One of my favorite features is not pictured here but they used the same greige wood to make cabinet doors, reminiscent of Kentucky barn doors, which slide across to hide the TV in the family room.  There are many nods to the equestrian life in this house, as one of the owners grew up in Lexington, Kentucky.  Great houses tell stories of the people living inside.  I happen to know this family but even if I didn't, this house feels good.  It's sophisticated yet casual and everyday life is a little richer when every square inch is used appropriately with tons of charm.  When function, elegance and ease combine in a place where you live and create memories, you've won the Triple Crown.

Photos:  Traditional Home Magazine, Eleanor Cummings Design
For a full story on this house, please see the February 2012 issue of Traditional Home.