Art by Cane Toad
 Pacific Blue
 Beaver Brown or Sonic Grey?
 Mixed with Cultured Pearl
Hot Magenta
 Inch Worm, Cerise, Blue Green, Burnt Orange
 Caribbean Green, Indigo, Outrageous Orange, Neon Carrot
 Mango Tango
 Granny Smith Apple
Magic Mint

Since French/Belgian greige took over the design world of recent years, I thought we should revisit the Crayola box and find our inner Cornflower.  Of course I am not an example since most of my house is fairly neutral but mixed with white, I think I could do it.  When I was a kid, I found myself annoyed with that kid who would aggressively grab the color I wanted, from the pile in the middle of the table, only to wear the crayon down to a nub after drawing huge strokes of nothing outside of the lines. He was also the one who would hand you the yellow crayon after it had been run over other colors, so it was no longer yellow but a puke green/brown.  You know that kid...he's the same one who grew up to race to the front of a traffic line and cut when you have been patiently waiting in the back for 10 minutes.  Clearly I am scarred by such a person and think they should only be allowed to color with a dull pencil (sharpener not included).