Very pretty!  It's fun to see the Queen before the black patent, square heeled shoes took over.
 A royal dog indeed!  I wonder if she eats antique oriental rugs like my son's dog did at my not so royal palace.
 The jacket is all that!
 Not sure which store but this is a window display.  Bergdorf's eat your heart out!

 Again, a window display.  This would be a dream job for me.
 I love English humor.  I bet I would like these people.

Hello? Hello?  Echo, Echo...OK, I know I have been very much missing in action!  Although I am late to the British party, the Queen's Diamond Jubilee was too fun not to talk about - even if it is yesterday's news in the blog world!  The royal family really represents a fantasy world.  Although their lifestyles are in no way normal or anything the average person could aspire to, it was fun to see the giant jewels, top hats on the princes, hand sewn, custom red coats on the military and all the pageantry that ensued.   I find it refreshing to see pride for one's country - especially a country with such rich history.   I also like that being politically correct was not part of the equation.  They are with it.  Queen Elizabeth sported that 90 carat brooch like a champ!  Good job Liz...

All photos via the blog,  A White Carousel