Hands down, my absolute dream car in any color!

 Cadillac nugget!

If you ever see me buzzing around town in that little Porsche number at the top, you will know I have made it!  Not only would this have to be an additional, "fun" car, I would probably need a mechanic on staff at all times to make sure it was always working.  After all, stranded roadside, in dark sunglasses and a scarf, would not be fabulous at all.  As long as we are in the Land of OZ, I would like Southern California weather to come with this car as well.  As the Ipod blares a playlist of the Rat Pack, Duffy, Amy Winehouse and Etta James, I'll glance your way at a red light and wink as I speed off to somewhere really cool with exceptionally cool people.  In the meantime, pass the Windex, I have chores to do.  Who wants to buy a house?

Photos via my new obsession:  Campbell's Loft (Facebook Page)