Cheers to these creative ideas.  I love the flag chairs from Howe in London!  The stairs are wallpapered, the fabric chest could work as a coffee table, the sail cloth pillow is from Etsy, the vintage jeep is just plain fun.  I am surprised more people don't reupholster cars.  I can see an old Wagoneer with plaid, blanket style seats.   Vintage trucks would look good with Mexican blanket or flag seats.  While most of us don't spend much time thinking of ways to dress up an extra car, it is nice to see ideas that make you think creatively.  I can see those flag chairs in a modern or traditional home - especially in a white room.  I have seen chairs made of sail cloth on my friend's screened-in porch and they were awesome!  Hers were stuffed with lots of goose down and her husband sat in them for his nightly cigar.  Not only were they chic, but had a story to tell since they came from his boat.  Spill a drink on problem!  Keep it clever my friends!