When choosing a place to live, I'm sure you've heard the rule of buying:  location, location, location!  That's the priority I had when buying my house.  Although a 1939 house is charming, it forces you to think creatively for closet space as well as decor.  My youngest son, who now stands at a little over 6 feet tall and weighing in at 210 pounds, chose the smallest room so the bigger bedroom could serve as an upstairs game room.  I'm sure there are days he regrets that choice but he does enjoy the "cave-like" feel it has.  Although I wouldn't do these colors for an 18 year old boy, I love the idea of making the area special and cozy.  Buyers will make allowances for the size of a room if they like the look.  Most people want to move into a house and not have to decorate it.  The trick is to choose a look that will be popular to more than just you.  I'm hoping when I sell my house, the smallest bedroom will be perfect for a young child who could pretend a cozy nook like this is their secret space or perhaps a guest bedroom for empty nesters no longer in need of giant secondary rooms.  It's fitting the room pictured above is in yellow.  When life gives you lemons, remember to make lemonade!