Happy Menocal makes me happy!  You might remember from a previous post that Happy started in advertising and became so well known for her illustrations, she created her own business.  As you see here, she paints people, animals, things, places and whimsical crests.  After writing about her, I hired her to do a crest for me.  As you can see, it is a crest with a house since I sell residential real estate.  I wanted something that was cute enough for personal occasions but also conveyed what I do for a living.  I think she nailed it!  I love her designs for gifts.  Imagine if you went to some fabulous place with your husband or mother.  An illustration of that place would be so special.  If you saw the movie, "Best In Show,"  you know people who own or show the dogs are just as colorful as the dog itself!  Many other dog portraits I have seen are not (in my opinion) very sophisticated.  I love these!  Look at the tension between the two dogs sniffing each other.  The eyes in all of the animals are fantastic - especially the bull!  Clearly she has a sense of humor reflected in "Easter Finery".   Job well done Happy!  I'm so glad I checked back to see her latest illustrations.  Don't you love them too?!?  I think she deserves a blue ribbon for sure.

Photos via Happy Menocal Fine Art & Illustrations