I love the top hat on a woman!
 Love this!
 I'm guessing they didn't go "mudding" in their truck.
 A proper couple.
I still want Francis I silver flatware and more china!

I'm so excited for the return of Downton Abbey!  My mother introduced me to the series last summer.  We watched every episode from the first one until now.  I found myself sneaking in an episode at every opportunity.  The set and costumes are gorgeous and I love the humor and genteel nature of the English people.  The introduction of Shirley MacLaine should be fantastic!  English culture and southern culture have many things in common:  the ability to insult someone without anyone noticing until later due to the way it was presented (not a proud fact but true...bless her heart), placing the utmost importance on manners and proper dress for occasions and entertaining at home with grace and elegance.  While I'm sure women in other parts of the country and world share these same qualities, I can only speak for the south since I've spent my entire life here.  Formally dressing for dinner every night and wearing tailored tweed for hunting certainly doesn't fit our current way of living but watching it on the series is DECADENT and a reminder we shouldn't let go of all traditions and manners! 

Some photos via UK Mirror