Raise your hand if you have the guts to do this!  I love some of these looks but unless my floors were bald in more places than in front of the refrigerator,  (rolling my eyes) I don't know if I could paint over perfectly good floors without sweaty palms.  They are certainly not Golden Retriever proof without the painter being on retainer either.  At least then, the bald spots would be evenly distributed throughout the house since she is always my shadow.  My kids have never applauded my desire for "pretty" over 100% comfy.  One of my sons will most certainly grow up to own shag carpet and a couch with a built in ice chest.  He is scarred from years of seagrass and white slipcovers.  The college age son is annoyed by my choices as well but can't ignore the benefit of girls liking my taste.  Apparently, my blog makes for a good talking point in a bar as well...why else would I write it?  It's fitting a girl who loves shoes would also love painted floors.  Now I just need the budget for the retainer.