Houston may only get sweater weather on occasion but as much as Texans like to ski in Colorado, this is a place you should know about!  CashmereRED is a store in Telluride, Colorado where all your sweater dreams can come true!  As you know, I don't always cover fashion due to it's short shelf life, but when I see clothing that is a good timeless investment, it's worth bringing it to your attention.  I've always said if I were to win the lottery, I would never buy a cheaply made sweater again!  Offering the finest in Scottish cashmere apparel and accessories, CashmereRED has a variety of styles from traditional to contemporary and you can even pick your own yarn color and weight.  The piece I like the most is called The Passport (photos 7& 8).  Appropriately named for it's versatility, you can make ALL those looks with that ONE PIECE!  How fine is that?!?  I wish I would have gotten my act together earlier to suggest this for your holiday shopping but at least you still have the remainder of winter and maybe a ski trip in your future!  If you're going to Telluride, check them out.  If not, they can ship.  Owner, Caci Grinspan, is adorable and will be happy to teach you how to make all those options work for you.  As a person who loves to travel but usually packs too much, this little gem solves a lot of problems.  Happy sweater weather!

Photos via CashmereRED (Facebook page)
221 East Colorado Avenue
Telluride, CO 81435