So many great attic rooms!  Although there might be an occasional head bump on slanted walls, the 6-year-old (and 44-yr-old) in me REALLY wants one of these cozy, chic rooms.  The uses for an attic room are endless.  Martha Stewart had a functional attic room with an island for crafts and wrapping as well as a desk for work tasks.  I love that idea because if you have to stop in the middle of a project, no one will see the mess.  Attic rooms are also a place where peace might actually be achieved since it is a destination instead of a pass through on the way to another room.  I'm sure I could have found some great exercise rooms as well but I figured this was plenty.  The last photo would be a dream room for my sons.  Of course, I would see very little of them but one thing you can always count on with boys is the phrase, "I'm hungry, what's for lunch/dinner/meal at 2 am?"  If you feed them, they will come.

Photos via Tumblr, District of Chic, Houzz, Canadian House and Home, My Design Chic, Homedit, Attic Mag