These are photos I gathered for Valentine's Day that obviously never made it out on time!  Passion and love should exist 365 days a year anyway, so consider this your reminder!  I LOVE the outfit in the first photo, which is odd for a person usually dressed in black!  It is so classic and chic.  My usual interior design style is probably more like photo #2 - just a pop of color for visual interest.  I previewed a house in Houston yesterday where every room had a different color.  The kitchen had subtle mint (some say turquoise or teal) Corian counters in the kitchen with white cabinets.  Usually, when I hear "Corian" I immediately think of early '90's decor but this was a great looking kitchen.  It was such a nice break from most of the kitchens I see that are so bland and brown.  Photo #5 with the chinoiserie table reminds me of working at the Harold Powell store in the late 80's.  That was the era of everything Ralph Lauren and mixing prints with stripes with plaids all in one outfit, but it worked.  Don't you love all the access to interesting design we have today?  It really reminds me to think differently.  Even if something isn't exactly my style, I'm still inspired by creative people.  Oh...and don't forget to tell someone you love them today!

When buying or selling a house, please remember me!
Photos via: Chinoiserie Chic, Atlantic-Pacific, Tumblr