Separate room off of the kitchen...square foot luxury!
 Screened door is a clever touch.
 I love the sliding door!  Architectural interest while hiding the mess.
 Never having to put the toaster or waffle maker away - love it.
 The pantry doors continue the look of everything else for a sophisticated feel.
 Again, hiding the mess but the presentation of the side cabinets are both functional and pretty.
 For the super neat person who could stock a general store! 
I love the dark counter resembling a table.

My pantry is not a separate room and consists of 2 cabinets by the back door.  After tossing every single item due to pantry pests, (gross) I vowed never to fill it up again....that didn't last!  As much as I try not to shop for processed pantry foods, I am notorious for having a Barefoot Contessa moment where I buy jars of spices, sun-dried tomatoes, different kinds of oils or whatever the recipe calls for.  I never get around to cooking it and might even buy it twice when Barefoot Contessa moment #2 happens several weeks later.  As I have said before, in my imaginary house I am building, I would most definitely have a pantry room.  One where toasters and latte machines and blenders could be loud and proud in the closet and happily reside amongst the 9 jars of pesto and sun-dried tomatoes of tarts never made.  If you read my post on the ultimate mud room with the built-in dog kennels, you might be thinking what I am thinking...this imaginary house is getting bigger all the time.  Oh well, who in their right mind dreams with limitations!

When buying or selling a house, please remember me!
Photos via Attic Mag