It's possible too many of my posts start with, "The 6-year-old in me," however, here I go again...twinkle lights, candles and anything glowing is still magical to me!  Why should candles and twinkle lights be restricted to December or a wedding?  Perhaps Rudolph should come down from the roof but I love these ideas year round.  What baby wouldn't love looking up at "the stars" in his or her room?  My children are most definitely scarred for life because I always demanded white lights on the Christmas tree.  One year, in my attempt to prevent decorative child abuse, I put colored lights all over my son's room.  (Keeping the Christmas tree lights white, of course.)  It was pretty much a Mexican cantina by the time I was done.  You should have seen his face when he saw it for the first time.  It took hours to accomplish so my grandiose gesture never happened again.  Oh well!  In that moment, I was the best mom ever.  My advice for July...get your twinkle on!  For the not-so-young, the warm glow makes everyone look better and who doesn't need a 6-year-old inside of them?

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