At least in the South, coral never goes out of style.  I read a book where a southern girl moved to Manhattan, NY.  When packages would arrive from her mother, a group would gather to see what the latest monogrammed, brightly colored, striped, polka dotted or floral print item had graced her desk.  If you are from the South, you are (at the very least) smiling because it is sooooooo true!  Southern girls love their Kate Spade, Tory Birch, Elaine Turner lifestyles!  The coral vanity (pictured above) is really strong, but the rest of the bathroom was extremely boring with no interesting architectural details to speak of.  The pop of color demands the attention, therefore, the average surroundings are less noticeable.  (Disclaimer:  Don't try this when selling a home!  Buyers scare easily of loud paint!)  I do love the instant personality coral brings to the scene.  While you often see it in beach houses with white paint and seagrass rugs, coral remains sophisticated year round when mixed with dark taupe or grey walls.  The moral of the story:  Southern belles can keep their coral but grown women should limit bows to those precious shoes!  In the words of Elsie de Wolf, "Be pretty if you can, witty if you must, but be gracious if it kills you."

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