In my mind, I complain when blogs I follow either show the same thing all the time or are still showing fabrics I've been sick of for a long time.  However, I seem to be a repeat offender as well since many of my posts are on white!  To me, white is timeless, smart looking and easy to clean since bleach is white's best friend.  I love how it looks warm with wood planked floors and beams.  I also love how it can be modern, traditional, prissy or casual depending how you use it.  I am currently searching for a white paint for my bedroom.  I can't decide if I want off white walls with pristine white trim or all the same on both.  All paints are tricky but white is one of those colors where getting it wrong looks boring and cheap.  Oddly, it's similar to leopard print because it's difficult to verbalize why one leopard is tacky and another sophisticated.  I'm a big fan of mixing quality with cheap and cheerful.  Having an antique gilded Louis XV mirror on the wall and a white quilt from Macy's is just fine with me.  It still looks great and if the dog jumps on the bed, life is not over.  Of course, I will have to deal with my Golden Retriever waiting for me to start down the stairs before having her morning hallway rub.  Like a small child, she thinks if I don't see her, it isn't happening.  But what is life without a dog?  I'll just buy stock in Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.  Every dog should come with a box!

Thank you for reading.  I love getting comments.  Are you sick of anything?  Want to see more of something?  I can't promise but I will try!  

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