Front porch wisdom is tied with kitchen table wisdom for best places to make memories and big decisions.  I have always wanted a true front porch.  Not a stoop,  but an outdoor living room inviting neighbors to become close friends, watching kids graduate from stroller to wiffle ball, or walking with their first love.  A place to observe all kinds of people and their dogs.  A place to reflect on past events and dream of the future one hopes to achieve.  Front porches come with hot coffee in the morning, sweet tea in the afternoon and a glass of wine or some other libation in the evening.  Whether one sits alone with a good book and a blanket, or sits among others with laughter and a paper fan, the front porch is the soul of the house.  At the risk of sounding like a relic, I miss LIVE conversations.  Yes, I would read Twitter or text from the porch too, but social media has highjacked plain old being social.  Although I don't have a proper porch, I specifically chose a neighborhood with sidewalks because people feed my soul.  I want to know my neighbors and feel part of the community.  Someday, when I have that porch and the jack-o-lanterns are lit on a cool October evening, you can pause as I waive and say, "Tell your mama I said hello!"

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