It's been a while since I have written on bad (authentic) MLS photos.  Thankfully, I have never had these problems in my listings (and they are not in Houston)!  It is pretty scary to post ANOTHER photo of a person in bed.  Seriously, what are these people thinking?  Here are some friendly Realtor tips:  If you have bloody feet, don't walk across light carpet.  If the room has fabulous acoustics, you don't need an "ear" man standing front and center.  Today, Schumacher posted a pretty photo of an all print room...this wasn't many people does that sofa seat?  Clutter is not your friend and trash day is everyday!  Lastly, I've never understood how a photo of a toilet helps to sell a house.  In addition, what builder thought multiple steps with wet feet was a good idea?  As always, when buying or selling a house, contact me.  I promise to do professional, beautiful photos and YES, I will kick you out of bed! 

Photos via Hooked on Houses