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 Almost makes me want to study again!
 Love the mirror!
 Great style.
Love this!

 Not so boring plaid
 The Ralph Lauren look never dies.

 Harold Powell flashback
So true...for girls

 Avenue of the Oaks - Spring Hill College
My Alma Mater, Spring Hill College - Mobile, Alabama
 For the ultimate tailgate...
Ralph Lauren worthy
 "Gee Mary Margaret, I think Johnny is swell!"
Animal House continues

If you read my blog often, you know I tend to fantasize about fall.  Not the fall in Houston where mosquito spray and a fan is never beyond arm's reach.  I dream about the East Coast fall where the leaves actually change and wearing a brand new pair of soft leather riding boots with the latest pumpkin colored sweater and jeans is just the look...with a toddy in hand before the game of course.  What seersucker pants and Lily Pulitzer dresses are to the South, college prep tweed is to the East.  Make no mistake, a Southern girl will fight through the sweat to still look cute at the game, but sunburning in boots is not quite as appealing.  Every year, I buy something cute for fall with the thought of how great it will be for a game.  Every year, I wear it in about December.  All summer, I have been gathering khaki and navy blue monogrammed items for my youngest son's dorm room at LSUI'm certain he will make his bed as I do and will REALLY enjoy and appreciate the color coordinated "W" Euro pillows, towels, tissue cover and basket woven tray for personal items.  Are you hysterically laughing yet?  YES, I am aware none of that matters and he will probably mess up the room immediately after I leave so not to be a mama's boy!  As I drive away in tears, marking the end of his childhood, a new chapter ensues.  It won't be long until I see him at a game.  I'll be the one wearing some version of purple and gold or red and black (my other son is at Texas Tech) sweating it out in cute boots, thrilled to have the opportunity to be hot as hell with them! 

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