Former Hollywood set designers, Robin Standefer and Stephen Alesch, founded Roman and Williams Buildings and Interiors in New York City in 2002.  Although I often write on Southern culture and design, I absolutely LOVE this quintessential New York loft style as well.  Everything they stand for speaks to me.  This quote from their site is exactly what I strive for in my own style:  "Standefer and Alesch have forged an ability to create projects that consistently find the tension between spontaneity and rigor, refinement and rebellion, and past and future."  While some may look at their work and see lots of black, I see history, character and warmth in the reclaimed wood, hardware, moldings, bricks and lighting fixtures.  I see a place where books are encouraged and comfort is key.  A place where friends gather and stay for lengthy conversations in jeans, a t-shirt and a cool pair of boots.  When glossy, painted floors meet chalky painted bricks and rustic beams, I am all in!!!  Welcome to my schizophrenic design mind...where one house has New Orleans "ball gown" drapes and French or English antiques and the other a closet full of Barney's motorcycle boots.  At least I keep you guessing!  For Texans, Roman and Williams will be designing a boutique hotel called The Pearl Hotel by the Kimpton Hotels and Restaurant group.  It will be a four star hotel set in a 119 year-old brewery in San Antonio.  The opening is slated for the fall of 2014.  Two words:  ROAD TRIP!

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