Sheers and Barcelona chaise divider
 Love the mirror on the curtains
 This is the most typical divider - not my favorite but functional
 A modern solution
 A nice way to hide the view
 Double solution divider
 Temporary wallpaper - love this!
 Child's chair for towels - cute idea
 Glam details - glossy painted floor, beadboard, pretty hardware
 Serene color - notice the corner closet
 Nice buffer for the street
 Good use of space
Great Art Easel
 Clear tables & mirrors a must!
I love this I-Pad "fireplace"

When a friend of mine moved her daughter into her first, big city, small apartment, she realized a challenge was in store.  This is a woman who is very creative and quite capable of coming up with good solutions.  However, finding ideas wasn't easy.  She was right!!!  I have searched for photos of small space interior design for weeks!  For buyers with lots of money and the ability to do permanent construction, the task is not as daunting.  For young renters, (used to their parent's great houses) it becomes a creative endeavor.  The first thing I saw over and over again was the classic (Ikea-esque) square bookshelves - not bad but certainly not a show stopper or original.  At least by investing in good pieces like mirrors, clear tables and maybe a cute art easel, a person can begin to build their style and take it with them to the next place.  Hopefully, something here will spark the imagination. 

One of my favorite stories is about a friend who was in medical school and wanted to propose to his girlfriend.  He bought a wooden bench swing, which was much too big for the apartment porch, but he hung it anyway.  When they sat on the swing, he asked her to marry him.  Of course she said yes and 3 kids later, the swing hangs at their nice, big house with a plate on the back with the date of the proposal.  How fine is that?!?  I hope my boys will be that creative and thoughtful.  Starting small makes you appreciate the big.  If nothing else, one can enjoy a box of wine, eat Chinese take-out next to the I-pad fireplace and dream of the Brownstone to come.  Cheers!

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