Tile pattern & color, stainless stove & hood -love!
 Elegance in simplicity 
 Obsessed with the floor pattern and color of cabinets - 
also love the absence of upper cabinets, 
highlighting the art
 Love the color of the wood, the crisp white walls and beams plus stunning club chairs
 Just plain cool
 A champagne cellar - fantastique!

How do I love thee, let me count the ways!  This is the design of Ali Daven (Principle) and Bekah Fletcher (Designer) of Jute.  It's easy to see why Jute has won "Designers to watch" awards since 2012, as well as a residential design award from California Home + Design in 2013.  Many people can decorate with the latest trends, but their love of architecture, arts and antiques really stand out to make this kitchen not just a room for cabinets but a place where every detail was well thought out for an overall sophisticated yet comfortable space.  People always linger in the kitchen so why not have a wall for art and love every inch of the room?  The Champagne cellar is not in the same house as this kitchen but I had to include it for it's sheer brilliance. 

Most every house tells a story and the philosophy of Jute was built on that.  Written on their web site, "At Jute, we believe home design is not about our style. It’s about the best version of yours."  They also mention words like, "comfortable compatibility," "strength and versatility" and "without fuss or clutter."  A good designer who can bridge the gap of the needs of a client to support their lifestyle and beauty to appease their aesthetic vision, is worth every penny.  Good construction and space planning pays off in spades because the client enjoys living in their home and has an advantage when ready to sell.  I, for one, would be happy to sweep Golden Retriever hair off that gorgeous floor...lifestyle and aesthetic...

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Photos from Jute