Thanksgiving place setting with no expiration date...
 Simple & elegant
 I never tire of white candles & greenery
 Great idea for place cards!
 The sophisticated Charlie Brown Tree
 Libbie - the real reason no time to write!
Cheers to the new year!

The challenge...catching up from HALLOWEEN as my last post, tying the last 2 months of absence together, finding a way to show off my new puppy and starting the new year without procrastination...the solution: white and green works for all occasions and represents a clean slate for the new year!  Did I succeed?  Oh well...that's my story and I am sticking to it.  Libbie ( an English Cream Golden Retriever) joined the family right after Thanksgiving so I can't really blame her entirely but nevertheless, it's good to be back!  A few reflections from the last two months:  God makes puppies adorable to soften the blow of accidents on a white duvet, my children will never gush about what a spectacular cook I am but the table is always pretty and the conversation lively,  when your son gives his brother a Christmas present wrapped in a paper bag from the liquor store, look at the bright side - it was craft paper like some of the other gifts under the tree and be thankful his college heart was in it, and lastly, embrace leaves and rocks dragged in through the dog door as it adds to the "rustic" Christmas theme.  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and may 2014 bring you much happiness and success!  One of my favorite gifts this year was a beautiful notepad from a close friend that says, "Make today lovely" at the top.  Maybe that will be my mantra for the year.  After all, the sweet potato casserole was runny and the first round of marshmallow topping burned but the white ball of fur looking up at me still thought I was wonderful and laughter is always lovely indeed.  Best wishes! 

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