I love the way British people refer to their yards as gardens.  It sounds so much more civilized and beautiful.  I wish I could say I yearn to have my hands in the dirt and look forward to dragging the sprinkler across the yard in the heat of the summer.  I’m glad someone doesn’t video me doing this because almost every time, I get the sprinkler in the wrong place. Rather than climbing behind the bushes to turn the water off before moving the hose, I usually get sprayed in the face, followed by several cuss words, with a soaking wet shirt.  Seriously, my neighbors have to enjoy this.  So cheers to the people who love tending to their yard, making it beautiful for all of us.  I am grateful for nature’s gifts, I just think I might like it more with a sprinkler system.  I’ll leave you with a quote from award-winning cinematographer, director and producer, Louie Schwartzberg:

"When people see my images a lot of times they will say, ‘Oh my God.’  Have you ever wondered what that meant?  The ‘Oh’ means it caught your attention, it makes you present, it makes you mindful.  The ‘My’ means it connects with something deep inside your soul, it creates a gateway for your inner voice to rise up and be heard.  And God, ‘God’ is that personal journey we all want to be on, to be inspired, to feel like we are connected to a universe that celebrates life.”

Okay, so maybe I will show more gratitude for watering my half eaten ferns (thanks to my puppy, Libbie).  I do absolutely LOVE pretty landscapes.  If spring has a message at all, it’s that every day is a new day, with new growth, making life rich.

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Photos via: Michael Ryan-Pinterest, Pacific Heights-Pinterest, Sunset Magazine, Various Pinterest sites
Check out Louie Schwartzberg on Ted Talks - very inspiring!