Not your average island
 Pretty doors, note the range
 Interesting wood, love the light fixtures & windows
 Love this fixture & drain
 Art rather than tile behind the stove, wooden ceiling and beam add warmth
 Island with darker paint anchors the room, love the hardware and walls with eye catching copper
 Hinges & pulls add vintage flair, symmetry everywhere makes me happy
 For the glamour girl, love the tile behind the stove
 Cute smaller size stove with fun floor
 Shelving unit has the feel of furniture, tile & mint green cabinets are personality plus
 Function meets style with a stainless bar mixed with marble, unique lines, 
large chalk boards & cookbook storage
 A pretty table with a great rug, next to roaring one will ever leave this kitchen
Doors, floors, windows and a constant invitation to sit down to eat

When I was a child, I really preferred playing with my pets rather than dolls or Barbies.  However, when I would go to my friend's house, who practically had a Barbie city, I thought, "I would like Barbies more if I had this set-up!"  That's kind of the way I think about kitchens - if only I had a stylish yet functional kitchen, surely more chocolate filled croissants would be made (like in the movie, It's Complicated - remember what a fabulous kitchen she had in that movie).  The truth is, I would probably still be reheating leftovers from take out places, only with a better view.  The good news is that whether you cook or not, a great kitchen will add value to your house - in more ways than one.  For the chef, one creates his or her next masterpiece.  For moms and dads, it starts with chaos - messy with waffle batter drippings and spilled juices and progresses to, "Why are you late and where have you been?"  At parties, it's hard to get people to move to the other parts of the house.  On Mondays, it's where you pledge to avoid eating carbs...until Thursday or Friday roll around.  It's where coffee or tea are enjoyed with the Sunday newspaper spread across the table.  It's much more than walls and appliances, it's a room to connect.  Make it special and unique.  I never acquired the Barbie city but I did make gingerbread cakes for my pets in the Easy Bake Oven.  Now I'll hold out for that Lacanche range from France with the brass knobs...surely croissants magically appear from that...

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Photos via: Pinterest, Belgian Pearls, De Poitiers French Kitchens, House and Home